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TGK Bail Bonds is open 24 hours daily to service our clients, post their Bail Bonds at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center  in Miami or any other Florida Jails and help them with  general questions or concerns that they may have about the Miami-Dade Corrections Department.


Turner, Guilford, Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Florida is located directly across the street from TGK Bail Bonds

Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Miami, Florida. Located at 7000 NW 41 St. Miami, Florida 33166

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We Offer 24 Hour Service to all our Clients. Our services include:

  • Fully Staffed Bail Bonds Office Open 24 Hours a day.
  • Flexible Collateral Terms
  • Expert Assistance and Knowledge about Nebbia Requirements
  • Over 30 Years Experience in Miami and South Florida Bail Bond Business
  • Nationwide Bail Bond Postings
  • One call to TGK Bail Bonds is all you need to get your bond posted
  • Multilingual Bail Bondsman and Bail Bond Agents available for immediate assistance

Call our fully staffed TGK Bail Bonds office now at 305-225-2255 and experience our superior service and commitment to quality. Your freedom is important to us at TGK Bail Bonds.

Call us in English, Spanish or Kreyòl 24 hours a day at 305-225-2255

TGK Bail Bonds is open 24 hours a day, every day. We never close

TGK Bail Bonds Office, Located at 7035 NW 41 Street. Miami, Florida 33166. TGK Bail Bonds is located directly behind the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Florida

TGK Bail Bonds – Miami Bail Bond Agents can answer all of your questions relating to Bail Bonds, Collateral, Nebbia Hearings and any other concerns you may have. Our agents are steps away from this  Jail Facility ready to immediately post your bail bond, expediting your release from the Miami-Dade Corrections, Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami and many other Miami-Dade, State or  Federal Jail Locations. Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center is the only inmate intake and release facility for Miami-Dade Corrections Department, this makes TGK Bail Bonds close proximity to the inmate processing center a key factor in our ability to quickly serve our client’s needs.

TGK Bail Bonds Services Include

Prompt Response from our trained staff to locate your loved one in the Turner Guilford Knight  Correctional Center or any other State, Federal Jail.

Licensed agents standing by ready to post the Bail Bond at the Jail for your loved one.

Continued Services to the Client with Court Notifications and answers to any questions after the Bail Bond is Posted.

TGK Bail Bonds is located directly behind the Turner, Guilford, Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Florida. Our licensed Bail Bond Agents or Bail Bondsman are ready to post your Bail Bond 24 hours a day 7 days a week. One call to 305-225-2255 is all you need to get the Bail Bonding process started quickly and efficiently. In addition TGK Bail Bonds offers the following services to all our new potential clients, or our many satisfied repeat customers.

Link to Miami-Dade Corrections Inmate Search

TGK Bail Bonds provides an innovative search for inmate service at no cost to our clients. When the client calls our office at 305-225-2255 our staff enters the inmate information in our search system. The service automatically searches for a newly incarcerated inmate at TGK Jail, Miami-Dade Corrections, or any other specified State, Federal or Municipal Jail or Correctional Facility. TGK Bail Bond’s proprietary Jail Inmate search algorithms will update every five to seven minutes to keep our clients informed of the inmate booking , intake and custody status of the person that is being detained. This unique service gives our inmates families the assurance of quickest release possible from Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Call TGKBAIL.COM at 305-225-2255 for Immediate Bail Bond Assistance

TGK Bail Bonds is not affiliated with Miami-Dade Corrections, Turner, Guilford, Knight Correctional Center, or any Government Agency.